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Helping menopausal women

Regain Hormone Balance & Feel Better Than Ever.

with JOANNE POSEY, nutritionist & menopause expert

Helping Menopausal Women Regain Hormone Balance & Feel Better Than Ever


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Are you a fed-up 40 or 50-something who is utterly fed-up of a spare tyre that won’t shift, gut problems that rule your life and feeling like you haven’t slept in a month?

I'm Jo Posey, nutritionist, menopause specialist, ex-corporate executive and woman in menopause and I can help you overcome life limiting menopause symptoms and regain confidence using my proven 4-step process.

If these are your symptoms or any of the following, I can help:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • Poor memory
  • Anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Hot flushes or night sweats
  • Digestive issues
  • Joint aches & pains
  • Unexplained itching
  • Low libido & vaginal dryness
  • Hair thinning

Are you ready to take action?

If you’re fed up of feeling fat & frumpy; if you’re tired all the time; if your gut symptoms are ruling your life; If you’re ready to take action to feel & look your best, we have a range of options to help.

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"Life is about balance and finding that balance starts with your nutrition"


My Courses

Courses to suit your objectives & time available.


Menopause Mastery

3 months of expert nutrition, lifestyle & mindset support to master menopause symptoms & embrace a lighter, brighter future

£600 as a one-time payment OR 3 instalments of £200

MenoMelt: 2nd - 22nd September 2024

Learn to lose the meno belly for good with a simple, 3-week programme



Join MenoMelt

Your choice of 3 interactive eLearning courses to help everyone thrive!

  • Menopause - The Basics
  • Menopause - For Managers
  • Thriving in Menopause

£15 to £25 per course/user/licence

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Corporate Clients

Has your workplace introduced a menopause policy?


I provide menopause awareness training encompassing education, impacts, actions & outcomes.

Whether it’s a lunchtime presentation or an ongoing bespoke wellbeing plan; in person or online, let’s have a chat about what approach is going to work best for you & your team.

I have worked with private & public bodies demonstrating the financial & cultural benefits of investing in staff wellbeing.

Whether you have tens or thousands of staff, menopause awareness training & staff wellbeing consultancy helps you attract & retain valuable talent.


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What my clients say about me.

"I contacted Jo when menopause & specifically weight gain had become a health issue I was struggling to fix. Within 3 months I have lost 23lb, my menopause symptoms have reduced significantly, and I feel great. Having Jo onboard made me accountable. I now have a healthy attitude to eating; I know what foods work and which ones don’t. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo. She is friendly and professional. She has extensive knowledge and a genuine interest in getting you to the place you want to be. She has been a game-changer for me and I’m so grateful."


"We were delighted that Jo joined us for our wellbeing week where she ran two sessions at our workplace. The Menopause session was very informative and Jo creates a very open and warm setting – with the added value of humour! Jo also ran a nutritional session alongside a fabulous lunch, all of which she arranged. We would highly recommend Jo and her passion and knowledge shines through."

Emma Callister, COO
Mary Oppenheimer Daughters (IOM) Ltd

"I did the trial with Jo, and I can confirm that a) it blummin’ works!!! And b) it has a host of other benefits - I feel more energised, not starving all the time, not tempted to graze, and mostly better sleep…and I tried things I’d not tried before (the grain Freekeh, lovely and nutty). Also, Jo is super-supportive and helpful. X
I don’t do testimonials often. But then things don’t work as effectively and promptly as this, often!"

“As part of our aim to enhance wellbeing support across the business, Jo has delivered 2 sessions for our Managers on Menopause Awareness, with specific focus on how to manage employees experiencing menopause symptoms. She was extremely knowledgeable on the topic and delivered the information in an engaging way, including a great mix of facts, stats and practical advice. This is a new area for us to explore as a team and we left feeling informed and with an improved understanding of the support we can offer to colleagues, as well as encouraging open conversation around Menopause”
Rachel Pownall
Isle of Man Creamery

Get started with one of my free resources 

Meal Plan

very passionate nutritionist in the field of hormonal balance who will help direct you to hormone health with natural approaches.


Hormone Guide

Get started on battling bloat, fatigue, aches & pains and hormone horrors with my powerful free resource ‘Thriving in Menopause’


Private Facebook group 

This is a space where you can meet, discuss and ask questions about any issues related to menopause.

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Learn the vital step to help tackle menopausal weight gain as well as low energy, mood swings and cravings, in free webinar 'MenoMelt the Masterclass'

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I’m Joanne Posey & I am here to help you.

Jo Posey is a nutritionist & expert on menopause. She works 1-2-1 helping menopausal professionals who are fed-up with their symptoms & ready to commit to action, start to shift that stubborn belly fat, sort out terrible gut symptoms and finally feel listened to, using her proven 4-step framework.

Jo also brings her methods to group formats via her 3-week MenoMelt plan & 3-month MenoMastery programme.

Jo’s work also extends to working with a range of corporate & public bodies on assessment of menopause inclusivity progress & business risks; development & implementation of menopause policies & procedures; and a range of staff wellbeing education & learning events.

Further, Jo is creator & owner of Menofest, a platform where women can access the menopause expertise of a range of professionals.

More About Me

As a graduate of the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition my practice is founded in a fundamental understanding of the human body, a respect for scientific evidence and a love of food.